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Further widgets are currently under development to further aid you, such as "Scheduling Calendar", which will allow you to keep up to date with exam dates and other important dates set by your ATO.

Test progress can only be viewed on the dashboard after 5 practice sessions have been completed. However, you can see more analysis, before you complete 5 practice sessions, by visiting the "Analysis" page from your dashboard.

ATPL Factoids
  • The ATPLs comprise 13 x exams
  • All exams are to be passed within 18 months, starting from the last day of the month during which you attempted your first exam
  • The minimum pass mark for each exam is 75%. 74.9% = ‘Fail’
  • All exams are to be passed in 6 sittings; during each sitting you can take as many exams as you wish
  • A sitting is a period of 10 consecutive (not working) days, starting on, and including, the first day you took an exam in any particular sitting, e.g. First exam on 10th January – sitting concludes on 19th January
  • You are not permitted to re-sit failed exams within the same sitting
  • Each subject may be attempted a maximum of 4 times
  • Different subjects have different length exams, both in the number of questions and the duration of the exam
  • All exams must be taken with the same national aviation authority
  • You must be registered with, and authorised by, an approved training organisation (ATO) to sit exams